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4 Ways to Bring Easter Cheer

4 Ways to Bring Easter Cheer

This year, Easter arrives to find families social distancing, but there are still lots of ways to make the holiday special and bring joy to your kids. Having more time with your family can be a chance to share an intimacy that can sometimes get lost in big family dinners and neighbourhood Easter egg hunts.  
For now, we plan to savor the Easter holidays, making the most of the time together that we often crave when we are busy at work.
We’ve put together a few suggestions for Easter activities that everyone in your family can enjoy safely together. Or let the children 'crack on' (sorry) while you kick back and relax, after all it's our time off too! 


Egg Decorating


DIY Easter foliage eggs

This Easter tradition brings back fun memories and is a favorite Easter activity for many kids because they get to play with items that are normally off-limits around the house: eggs, and food coloring. Fun for them, slightly scary for you! But you’ll likely have all the necessary supplies to decorate eggs at home, no lockdown panic required here.

Part of the fun in this activity is the sheer variety of ways you can decorate your eggs. There are hundreds of design ideas online but here are a few of our favourites:

1. How pretty are these foliage eggs (see photo above). These look easy to do and also require the kids to get out in the garden and learn about flowers first. Double win.

2. We like to call this magic drawing, did anyone else have one of those 'invisible ink' pens to write spy notes with? These egg dye designs can be customised with names, patterns, drawings etc and you get all the fun of the big reveal when they come out of the dye.

3. If your kids love emojis and characters maybe this cute DIY eggs tutorial is for you. Unicorns, burgers and ice creams with faces are covered in the video and honestly what more could you want? We would recommend this for older children as it needs a bit more coordination and patience. 


Sock bunny craft

The slower pace around Easter this year creates an opportunity for your child to tap into their creativity and for you to revive your own.
Key to getting and keeping their interest in a craft project is to start with an activity your child enjoys and build from there. If your child likes books, help them create an Easter picture book with a decorative cover. If they love animals then how about these no sew sock bunnies.

This is a wonderful time to use crafting to spread much-needed encouragement to others who are social distancing. And nothing brings a smile like children’s’ artistic expression. Your child can learn to practice the act of encouragement as they create window decorations or sidewalk chalk designs for the passers-by. You can help them design greeting cards with hopeful messages which you can then mail to relatives and friends. Encourage your kids to think of their own ideas to help spread cheer and support them in making their ideas take shape. 

Rich Experiences


After weeks of staying home, it’s understandable that your kids might be a little tired of the monotony. Create rich experiences around the Easter holiday by re-inventing old traditions or starting a new one. Make your Easter egg hunt an interactive scavenger hunt that leads children from one egg to the next with clues inside each egg. They’ll shake with anticipation as they draw closer to a big surprise offered in the last egg. 

Sweet Spring Style

Wear your Easter best, even if your outfit is only seen on FaceTime! Although brunch will be at home this year and worship services will be streamed online, your family can still dress for the special occasion that it is.

We have provided some outfit inspiration below, all items are available on our website and our online store is still operating and delivering. Don't forget to take some family photos!


Girls Easter style

 1. Kurt sunglasses 2. Evie Top 3. Gracie Top 4. Debbie Shorts 5.Gloria Dungarees 6. Native Shoes 

Boys Easter style

 1. Duke Shirt 2. Nitin Shirt 3. Scott Shorts 4. Native Shoes 5. Rocky Sunglasses 6. Benedict Belt 7. Woodie Car


Infant Easter style

1. Juniper Top 2. Rose Dress 3. Cecily Bloomers 4. Skye Dress 5. Corrine Doll 6. Nalia Onesie 7. Laurie socks 


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