Christmas With The Carpenters : Traditions and Making Memories

We asked our favorite family about their holiday traditions, what is really on their Christmas list and making holiday memories.

What are a few holiday traditions that you and your family love to do?
I grew up in a pretty traditionless family, so we, by default, lean that way as well, but it has been interesting to see what traditions have kind-of naturally snuck into our holiday season. 
Choosing and decorating the tree has become a definite highlight for all of us. I know some people dread the tree decorating, the putting-on of lights and such, but we love it. There's usually music and cookies or hot chocolate involved, which never disappoints. 
Because Heath and I are fortunate enough to live near most of our family, holidays generally center around family get-togethers, and that's what we all look forward to the most. The kids live to hangout with their cousins!
Do you have a favorite holiday book or song?
I guess I'd have to say the Grinch. And song? Hmmmm...I mean, I'm a 90s child, so I will always love Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You. 
What was Christmas like growing up for you?
I always loved Christmas, but it was never an over-the-top experience, no elaborate Santa sightings or fancy decorations. It was very simple, parred down, and I looked forward to Christmas morning just the same. It sounds a bit boring perhaps, but it was wonderful to me then, and looking back, I'm thankful for the simplicity of it all. And because I didn't grow up near my grandparents or cousins, much of our Christmas break was spent traveling. I think that's why I love not having to travel for the holidays now. Getting to be at home is a true joy!
What memories do you want your children to take from holidays at your home?
I'm sure they will remember me being cranky and making them get rid of all the toys they don't need in order to prepare for the new, or being forced to pose for the annual family Christmas photo, but I sure hope, maybe foolishly, they look back with golden memories of time together at home with the people we love and cherish. 
What is the funniest thing one of your kids have asked for?
Enid's list this year was pretty great. A few of my personal favorites on her list were an electric toothbrush, a laser pointer, and a mood ring. Classic. 
What are the top things on your list this year?
I buy myself a box of chocolates every year, wrap it, put it under the tree, and open it on Christmas morning. And I don't share. That's the extent of my list, and I never fail to get exactly what I want! Ha!