Exploring India: Design and sourcing for SS17

Incredible India. Delhi is a city of crazy chaos with tuk tuks swerving around highways, goats and cows wondering into the road, the most people you have ever seen in one place and open houses full of bucket dying and piles of fabrics. However, there is beauty to be seen on every corner, women in colorful saris whooshing past on scooters, lorries painted with murals and colorful tassels hanging from their mirrors and shop upon shop of beads, sequins and tapes, a designers heaven.

We go to India every few months to source trims, explore the local art and design scene and work with our factory on producing our fabrics and create prototypes. From our initial moodboards and colour stories to creating new shapes and intricate embroideries we work closely with our factory to ensure quality and innovation in our collections.

We always enjoy exploring India, it is one of our main sources of inspiration and spending time with our friends there means we are already looking forward to our next adventure!