Getting To Know

National customers day is a special day to us because we value all of you so much!
Thank you all for all your continued support.
We asked a few customers some questions so we could get to know you all better.
We adore this image of Christine Lam's daughter!
Where are you from?
Hong Kong 
Ages of kids:
4 and 2 
How did you discover Velveteen?
Word of Mouth/Instagram
What made you fall in love with the brand?
Chic designs and lovely fabric 
What is your favorite piece you have from any of the Velveteen collections and why?
The black and white coatigan as seen in the above photo
What is your favorite part of motherhood?
Let’s just say there is nothing that I don’t like about motherhood. I love the fact that I am their world and they are mine.
Favorite things to do with your children?
Traveling and anything that makes them happy!
What are the trends you are love seeing?
Matching outfits for siblings. 
What are the trends you could do without?
Princess outfits