How To Plan A Perfect Picnic

It's Summer and that means it's picnic time! We often take our meals outdoors when the weather is nice and we recently took a few girls and an adorable meal to a local park.

Here are our tips for creating a beautiful picnic that everyone will love.

Pack A Lunch // 

Make flower sandwhiches by cutting bread out with a cookie cutter. We had sweet sandwhiches (that we put Nutella in the middle and sprinkles on the edge) and ham and cheese in another.

We ate fresh fruit (think watermelons, citrus and strawberries) and drank strawberry lemonaid (homemade).

Fun To Be Had // 

We brought bubbles, hula hoops and kites. These were fun but the girls enjoyed just talking, giggling and picking wild flowers.

Attire //

The girls wore some of our favorite little outfits perfect for a sunny day. Be sure to check it out on our website as we have a sale going on now!