Minimalist Modern Wreath

Make this chic, modern wreath and fill it with Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays! Fill the whole wreath with simple cream leaves, or just leave it in certain spots. Also, it is a sweet gift to give a someone you love with your own personalized message inside. There's still about one week left until Christmas and that's plenty of time to make this modern wreath. 
Black decorative wire
Wire cutter
Cream wool felt
Hand sewing needle
Black yarn (or embroidery thread)
Glue gun and glue stick
1. Create your wording by slowly bending wire; leave 3 inches on each end. 
Tip: Write your wording in cursive the size you would like it, then follow that as a pattern to create your saying. 
2. Bend your wire to create a circle that will fit your wording. Intertwine the ends together to close the circle. 
3. Attach each end of the wording to the inside of the circle. Carefully wrapping the ends around the circle frame. Cut any excess wire. 
4. Cut out your wool felt leaves and sew a back stitch in the center of each leaf. 
5. Glue the leaves onto your desired spot on the wreath