The Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Inspired by old-world travel to far-flung destinations, where breezy beach days and golden sunsets melt into warm summer nights.

New Arrivals!

Meghan DressMeghan Dress
$150.00 USD$75.00 USD
Harper DressHarper Dress
$100.00 USD$50.00 USD
George DungareeGeorge Dungaree
$70.00 USD$35.00 USD
Piers BlazerPiers Blazer
$125.00 USD$62.50 USD

The Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Our Clothing

Velveteen luxury designer clothing is finely crafted and hand-embroidered, using a combination of Indian artisan techniques and modern silhouettes. 

 Velveteen is striving to create a universe for children where they can explore and develop a sense of style and self worth with a brand that truly respects and encourages this amazing adventure they’re undertaking.

 Our customers know that we’re as committed to conducting our business with integrity, as we are to ensuring that each piece of clothing is beautiful, well made and fashion forward.

Fair Trade 

We believe true luxury comes from fair labour practices, growing job opportunities, environmentally sustainable products and clothes with a long lifespan.

We work with fair-trade organisations whenever possible. We work to provide employment to mothers who would otherwise be unable to provide for their children and education for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school.

We want to give all children the beautiful opportunity to embrace the magical marvel of childhood.


We launched our Infinity recycling programme in our Hong Kong flagship store where we encourage customers to return and recycle their outgrown items.

From our partnership with suppliers of sustainable paper and recycled & biodegradable plastic bags to repurposing our production remnants to produce an exclusive line of fabric dolls, hair garlands and home decor products, we continue to build our sustainability and impact programmes. 

 We also plan to work together with local organisations to find meaningful ways to contribute to the lives of under privileged children while reducing the footprint of our clothing on the planet.

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