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Good News!

We are still delivering online orders as usual and our customer service team is available anytime you have a question.




1.1- All sales via the Velveteen Wholesale Portal are considered final as soon as the order is placed. All orders are subject to delivery confirmation by Velveteen. No order submitted by the Buyer may be cancelled or amended by the Buyer without the prior written agreement of Velveteen, and any such agreement shall be on the terms that the Buyer shall indemnify Velveteen against all loss and charges incurred by Velveteen equivalent to 50% of the total amount of the sale.

1.2- The above clause is implemented in particular (i) when, prior to the delivery, the Buyer fails to respond to formal notice sent by Velveteen to confirm delivery or declares that it will not collect or take possession of all or part of the Goods, or (ii) when, at the time of delivery, it does not collect or take possession of the Goods.

1.3- All orders are subject to a minimum USD $500 value before they can be placed.

1.4- Payment must be made via credit card in order for orders to be considered. All orders are placed on a first come, first served basis.

1.5- The Sale will be based on production samples. These are subject to change and are not final.


2.1- Velveteen shall deliver the Goods within the agreed delivery window, for SS21 the delivery window is 15 January 2021 - 31 March 2021. All deliveries will be made to the address provided by the Buyer at checkout.

2.2- Delivery dates are indicative only and will  be confirmed by Velveteen via separate email once the order is confirmed.

2.3- Delivery Incoterms are "Landed" to the USA, and "Duties Due and Payable" Ex-works terms to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Please contact us with any questions.


3.1- Any claim made in respect of the discrepancies or damaged Goods received within the delivery must be made in writing within 7 days of receipt of the merchandise.

3.2- If the Buyer doesn’t notify Velveteen accordingly, the Buyer shall not be entitled to refuse the Goods and Velveteen shall have no liability fur such defect or failure.

3.3- The Buyer shall return any non-compliant Goods with Velveteen’s prior written consent and in accordance with the instructions of the latter. At its sole and absolute discretion, Velveteen will replace any non-compliant Goods or issue a credit note.

3.4- Velveteen will not refund any postage on any returns.

3.5- Any Goods to be returned must be authorised by Velveteen upfront and must be given a Return Authorisation Number before Goods can be sent back to the address chosen by Velveteen. The Buyer must clearly label the Return Authorisation Number on the top of the box being returned to Velveteen. Returned Goods not accompanied by a Return Authorisation Number shall not be accepted and shipment(s) will be sent back to the Buyer.

3.6- Only damaged Goods accompanied by a return authorisation number are eligible for a credit.

3.7- Any goods to be returned must be in their original polybag packaging, with original Velveteen hangtags and labels. Returned goods must be sent in secure outer packaging of good condition, such as a carton or courier bag. Any returns not compliant with this will incur a fee of $5 per piece.


4.1- Prepayment

Unless any special writing terms has been concluded between Velveteen and the Buyer, Velveteen requires 100% payment at time of order placement. 

4.2- Payment

Payment shall be made by credit card via the Velveteen Website Portal checkout page.


5.1- As the Goods are supplied to the Buyer as a member of a selective distribution network, the Buyer undertakes not to sell the Goods to any third party.

5.2- The Buyer hereby agrees and acknowledges that the Buyer shall not sell or resell the Goods except in such location as specified in the Order.


Velveteen welcomes and supports the e-commerce sales of Velveteen garments. In order to maintain brand integrity and a fair marketplace amongst our retail partners, we suggest that retail prices offered on e-commerce sites are aligned with the RSSP provided by Velveteen and that we are informed 14 days ahead of any planned sales of Velveteen products. This also applies to e-commerce sites that are run by existing brick-and-mortar boutiques. This does not apply to any potential impact from foreign exchange movements.


8.1- The Buyer acknowledges that Velveteen has the exclusive ownership of the Trademark and of the intellectual property rights pertaining to the Products. The Buyer will not directly or indirectly commit any act that may depreciate the Trademark's image and prestige in the mind of the public.

8.2- The Buyer will use the Communication Materials in strict compliance with Velveteen defined standards of use and upon written permission.

8.3- In the event that the commercial relationship is breached in accordance with article 7.2 above, the Buyer will immediately cease all use of the Trademark and Communication Materials.

8-4- The Buyer will obtain Velveteen's prior written authorisation if it decides to use the Internet to advertise and/ or sell the Products


9.1- Our suggested retail price mark-up is 2.3. Velveteen reserves the right to deal only with clients who comply with this policy.

9.2- In order to maintain brand integrity and a fair market place amongst our retail partners, we suggest that retail prices offered on e-commerce sites are aligned with the SRP provided by Velveteen.

By completing this order you agree to Velveteen’s terms and conditions.