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Making Healthy Waffles with Nathalie Schyllert, CEO of Bodyism

Making Healthy Waffles with Nathalie Schyllert, CEO of Bodyism

Nathalie Schyllert, CEO of Bodyism knows how to help your children enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle!

With all of the fitness, health and lifestyle influencers, food plans and fads out there it's hard to know what to follow and who to trust. When it comes to our children, that task is even more challenging as they might not understand why we should care about our wellbeing and they quite often just don’t want to drink those green juices and healthy snacks!

Former ballet dancer Nathalie Schyllert is the CEO of Bodyism, a UK health club and wellness brand with 11 locations and supplements sold on Net A Porter. Bodyism encourages a 360-degree approach to wellbeing including Mindset, Movement, Sleep and Nutrition, a philosophy that we feel very aligned to at Velveteen - being kind to ourselves and being authentic with our wellness goals.

Nathalie’s other roles include being a model, wife and mother. So she is pretty busy! We managed to catch up with Nathalie and her children Oliver (7) and Chloe (4) to make some healthy waffles (yes really!) and talk about living a healthy, happy lifestyle as a family.

Making Healthy Waffles with Nathalie Schyllert, CEO of Bodyism

Those waffles look delicious! First things first, please share the recipe!

- 1 banana 

- 4 eggs

- 2 scoops body brilliance (Bodyism supplement)

- 125g Chestnut Flour

- A pinch of salt 

- 2 tsp baking powder 

- 2 dl Hazelnut milk 

Mix it all together to make a batter and pop it in a waffle iron. Then add your favourite toppings, we love berries. Easy and delicious!


How did you come to work with Bodyism and what drew you to working with them?

I started working for Bodyism 13 years ago as a Personal Trainer. The company had just started and I worked hard to soon become a manger and later CEO of the whole company and now also Co-Owner. 

What drew me to Bodyism was the way we helped to improve people’s lives and that I love to go to work every day. Also many of the employees and members feel like a second family to me.


Bodyism encompasses every aspect of health and well being with a rounded approach to the individual’s lifestyle. What are the top 3 things you've learned in your role at Bodyism about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

1: Not to get too obsessed about training or food. Having a balance is the best approach. 
2: Try not to stress about things you can’t control. 
3: Make sure you sleep well and take time to rest. 


Can you tell us a bit more about the Bodyism range of supplements, who should take them and why?

Our supplements are produced in the UK with the best quality ingredients and almost all are vegan. They taste delicious and makes you feel better in every way.  They are not a meal replacement and you don’t have to take them every day.

Everyone would benefit from taking our supplements, they will just have to find their favourites. As an example, Serenity can help you sleep better, Berry Burn is an antioxidant, Body Brilliance gives you energy and Beauty Food improves your skin and hair quality. There’s something for everyone.


How do you juggle your family life, fitness and health with such a demanding job?

I try not to work on the weekend and focus entirely on the family, since the weeks are extremely busy with work. I also try to drop the kids off at school (before we were in isolation) most mornings. I try to train at work and it’s easy to eat healthy at the Bodyism café. 

Sometimes the kids come to work with me after school, they both love it there. That might have something to do with Bodyism cookies they get but also the team is like family to them.


It is easy for adults to get confused with all of the conflicting information about different diets, what wellness really means and what constitutes a 'good' fat. How do you talk to your children about healthy eating and explain wellbeing? 

The main thing for me is that I to always serve them organic food and most day not too much sweet or processed food. Other than that, they eat most things. I’m very lucky that both kids love healthy food and are not scared of trying new things.

I’m always focusing on explaining that healthy food will give them more energy to play sports and dance, I would never mention anything to do with weight or appearance.


What healthy habits do you incorporate in your children’s lives and schedules? Can you recommend any easy wins to Mums who are struggling with helping their kids to eat healthily or be active?

I try to make them healthy breakfast options such as healthy pancakes or waffles. I always add fruit, berries or  vegetables to smoothies. 

Walk more together. Find sports or active hobbies that they love, so you don’t have to force them to go, instead they will beg to go. Try to find a kids yoga class, the kids will be calmer and it will also each them mindfulness


What is your favourite healthy family dinner and/or snack?

We all love whole organic chicken in the oven, with a side of sweet potatoes wedges and homemade avocado/lime salsa. 

A perfect snack is to prepare healthy oat/banana muffins that could be stored in the freezer. Then just take them out in the morning to defrost. 


What is your workout routine, how do you keep inspired?

I’m so lucky to be based at the Bodyism flagship club in Notting Hill so I usually do some kind of exercise class every day and I mix up all the types such as Yoga, Dance, Signature, Boxing and Pilates. In that way I don’t get bored and I see better results.  I also go for a long walk 3 times a week.


What is the next chapter for Bodyism and for you personally?

Once this virus is gone and we can open our 8 gyms again we will focus on them this year. Then next year we are close to signing two new locations that I hope to be able to announce soon.

For myself looking forward, I will just continue doing what I love: Continuing growing Bodyism and working with the best team, as well as being the best mum, wife and friend as I can be.


We also asked Oliver (7) and Chloe (5) what they thought about their Mummy's job, the cooking show they were creating and what being healthy means to them?

 Kids Say


Photos and videos by Nathalie Schyllert. Oliver wears Rupert Polo Shirt Chloe wears Julieta Ditsy Print Dress 


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